– Help visualize all the Gulden nodes

What is cooler than knowing that Gulden is a growing network of nodes? Well seeing those nodes is way cooler than only knowing that they are there. A Slack user I’ve been chatting with, named Sebastiaan Pasma┬áhas such an overview and it looks totally great. His website gives a visual overview of the nodes connected to each other for the Gulden Blockchain.Continue reading

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Get started with (PHP) developing on the Gulden blockchain

The blockchain technology caught my attention a few months back when learning more about Gulden, which is a good alternative to Bitcoin. In my opinion the blockchain technology will be the next big thing in tech for the next few decades. It’s been around for almost 8 years now, and to my opinion hasn’t got enough traction it deserves. Therefore I decided I wanted to do more with this technology and learn more about it. But where to start? How to start? There’s so much to learn about the blockchain that it simply cannot be summarized in a simple blogpost like this. But this blogpost is a summary of what I’ve learned with the Gulden blockchain over the past few weeks.

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